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Balance between style and space utlization

When designing corporate office interiors, the key is to strike a balance between styling and optimum space utilisation. Right from the entry through the reception to the work floor and conference rooms to office furniture design and lighting, every aspect of the corporate office should reflect the vision of the company. That’s exactly why we have the best commercial interior designers in Lucknow in our team.

Satisfying Minimal Designs.

At Home Solutions, the expert designers base your corporate office design on a thorough analysis of what you want and what your clients, employees and business associates are looking to experience when they enter your office. Our number one priority while undertaking a commercial interior design project is to understand what the company truly stands for and represent the same in the best conceivable way.

Elegance in Every Corner.

We believe that the best office interior design is the one that not just catches the clients’ attention but also creates an efficient workplace for the employees and enhances their morale.

Highly Minimalistic Interiors.

We understand that an office layout design needs to be in sync with the purpose and overall vibe of the space. For instance, while working on a creative office in Lucknow, we had some of our best commercial interior designers create an inspired office space that is tasteful and pragmatic yet distinctly original. A compact and elegant commercial space and even a sleep pod were added to the office for late nights at work.


Talk to our expert designers and discuss how you want your space to be optimized and to look, and they will shape your ideas into reality.


Based on your feedback, we will prepare drawings and renders so that you can visualize your plan, along with a BoQ with every detail of your project.


Your budgets, your style and your preferences. Choose from a wide variety of premium quality materials with suggestions from our experts to define the look of your commercial space.

Commercial Design Solutions For Anywhere.